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Lead Routing

July 14th 2023
Distribute lead assignment to team members with automated routing
Out with the old, and in with the new - we have deprecated subscribers of a workflow in favour of ‘routing’. With routing, all workflows can be configured to distribute lead assignment to a single team member, or multiple team members evenly. You can always reassign these at a later time, but having a contact assigned at the point of qualification means increasing the timeliness of when they are ready for contact.
Here’s what’s changed:
  • Workflows now have ‘Qualified leads’ and ‘Setup’ tabs
  • Routing can be configured via the Setup tab to include the team members you want to route qualified leads to
  • The event and filter setup has also moved to the Setup tab

Filter by Group traits

July 12th 2023
Use any of your existing group traits to get your targeting just right
You can now filter your leads based on a new dimension: Groups. This is a highly requested feature from customers that run their sales motion based on how many seats are being used. It also makes filtering out great nuggets much easier in products where users can be part of multiple wokspaces.
Here’s what’s changed:
  • When adding a filter to a Segment or workflow you can now select Group Data in addtion to Lead Data and Company Data
  • Whether you're using our SDK or Segment to connect your data, this will work out of the box with your existing group calls so long as you fire them client-side.

Hubspot Integration

June 27th 2023
Integrate with Hubspot to sync lead and company data
Your customers journey does not end after converting which is why we are integrating with your choice of CRM system. First of we have added the ability to continue nurturing your relationship with your customers in HubSpot (with more CRMs to come)
Here’s what’s changed:
  • Ability to connect to HubSpot
  • Leads and Companies can now be synced with your contacts in HubSpot meaning that you can create new contacts (or companies) based on your Ripe Leads. If the lead or company already exists in your hubspot, a link is created but nothing in the CRM is overwritten
  • On the leads page, leads can now be synced to HubSpot and the same goes for companies under the companies page.

Company Ownership

June 19th 2023
Now, not only can leads themselves have a contact assigned, but companies can also have an assigned owner. This allows for accurate routing of leads that qualify for a workflow with a company owner. If you now own the account, leads belonging to the company will be routed to you.
Here's what's changed:
  • Companies can be assigned ownership from the companies page or from a company page.
  • Company ownership takes precedence over lead ownership when an owner is assigned.
  • Re-assigning company ownership will prompt you to confirm the new owner.

Contacts Assignment

June 12th 2023
Assign and re-assign lead contact with ease
Until now, a lead could have multiple followers, but we're making a change to make it more in line with how sales organizations handle assigning ownership or a contact person to a lead.
Now, if you call a lead that is not currently assigned to you, you'll be asked to assign the lead to yourself before proceeding with the call.
Here's what's changed:
  • One-click contact ownership for a lead
  • Ability to reassign or remove the contact using the dropdown menu
  • Lead reassignment when starting a call (if you're not the designated contact)

Introducing Segments

June 7th 2023
Build your Segments using company and lead filters
Segments let you break down Leads and Companies based on your traits provided to Ripe or the Company data we enrich. By segmenting, you narrow your focus on the most important Leads and Companies. This means you'll spend less time searching for qualified leads and more time converting them. Exciting stuff!
Here's what's changed:
  • Added ability to create segments. These can be based on your tracking events sent to Ripe, or the enriched company data and aggregated traits we provide.
  • Use your segments as filters in the workflows you set up