👋Profile videos

Introduce yourself to your leads with profile videos

Profile videos can be used in place of profile picture, giving you the option of a more dynamic way of introducing yourself to your leads. Recording a profile video means that it will show in place of any profile picture when the widget loads.

You can record and upload a new video by going into the Ripe app and navigating to Settings -> My account. Clicking on the camera icon below "Video profile" will bring up a recording modal that let's you record your own video.

Once recorded and uploaded, the video will show in the Ripe widget. It does not auto-play and automatically unmutes when a lead presses the play button.

Profile videos can at most be 2 minutes long and are only visible to a lead until they have watched it, or until you have sent a personalized video to them. The widget then reverts back to showing the profile picture if you have uploaded one, or your initials if not.

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