Key Concepts Overview

Overview of key shared concepts in Ripe and Salesforce

RipeDataSFDC Sales Cloud


-> Push

Lead / Contact

Lead owner

<--> Sync

Lead / Contact owner

Lead Workflow qualification

-> Push

Lead / Contact property


-> Push


Company owner

<--> Sync

Account owner

Contact vs. Leads

Ripe does not make a distinction between the two when syncing with Ripe. New leads that do not exist in Sales Cloud and that are created by Ripe will become Leads.

If a lead in Salesforce is converted to a contact we will update the mapping and maintain a synced record.


Ownership updates work both ways an ownership update on a lead or company in Salesforce will be sent to Ripe in real time and vice versa.

Ripe can store users assigned via Salesforce even if they are not [yet] users in Ripe. So we always keep the two records perfectly aligned in terms of company and lead ownership for all synced objects.

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