Workflows let you define automatic actions to take when leads do certain key events inside your app

Workflows consist of three components; triggers, filters and actions.

Triggers are key events that your leads trigger inside your application. Ripe lets you choose between any event that you have sent us, or any event at all if you want the workflow to always be triggered.

A lead can trigger a workflow by doing a certain action inside your app, but it does not necessarily mean that they will qualify for the workflow. Whether or not a lead qualifies depends on the filters that have been set up for the workflow.

Filters are applied to properties of the lead to narrow down the number of leads that qualify for a workflow. Some examples of how to use them:

  • Only qualify leads that work at a European company

  • Only qualify leads that don't have a public email domain

  • Only qualify leads that have triggered a specific event in the last 14 days

Ripe lets you set up automatic actions for leads that have qualified to a workflow.

You can choose to assign qualified leads to sales representatives, post Slack notifications, show the Ripe widget, or sync lead data to your CRM.

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