📩Sending videos

Send personalized video messages to your leads

You can record and send personalized video messages to leads from the Lead Profile page. Navigate to Leads and click on the lead that you want to send a video to in the table. This will open up the Lead Profile page on the right hand side of the table.

Clicking on the camera icon in the top-right corner will open up the record modal. After you have recorded your video you can choose to send it. The lead will see the video the next time they load the Ripe widget.

A few notes on videos:

  • Videos can be at most 2 minutes long

  • The video is shown in the widget for 30 minutes after it was first played, or 14 days after it was sent if it has not been played

  • Only one video can be sent at a time

    • Sending new ones replace the old ones that you have sent

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