📙Connect HubSpot

How to sync your Hubspot CRM with Ripe

Ripe and HubSpot have a bi-directional connection that enables records in both systems to stay in sync as well as update each other about key user events. Below, we outline critical use cases and tell you how to set the integration up quickly.

Connecting HubSpot

Follow these three steps to connect. You must be an admin in HubSpot to do this. Start by navigating to the integrations page inside Ripe.

Find the HubSpot card

Click on it to start the process

Connect using OAuth

When you hit the connect button you will be sent through to HubSpot to approve the Ripe app.

Confirm your sync and update settings

You're now connected 🎉

By default the Ripe Hubspot integration syncs properties only. This means that you have to manually update owners between Hubspot and Ripe.

If you instead use Sync owners and properties, owner sync will also be enabled. Hubspot owners take precedence over Ripe owners, in the case that they differ. This mode is ideal if you want to use CRM ownership to route new leads in Ripe to the right person on your team.

You can also choose to have all leads and companies in Ripe automatically added to HubSpot as they are created. All leads and companies pushed to Hubspot will stay in sync moving forward.

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