Install the Ripe SDK Script

How to install the Ripe SDK JavaScript snippet

You will need anapi_key to complete this step, you can access one here.

Start by going to the Integrations page under Settings.

Click Ripe SDK and copy the snippet.

This snippet is pre-populated with your unique API Key, so it's ready to go.

Example of the Ripe SDK script

This example is not pre-populated with your API key. But it can be used in case you already have an API Key or have been sent one

  (function(a,b){var c=function(a){return fetch("".concat("","/sdk%2Fversion.txt?alt=media"),{cache:"no-store"}).then(function(a){return a.text()}).then(function(b){a(b)})};a.Ripe=a.Ripe||[],["init","identify","group","track","page"].forEach(function(b){a.Ripe[b]=function(){for(var c=arguments.length,d=Array(c),e=0;e<c;e++)d[e]=arguments[e];var;return f.unshift(b),a.Ripe.push(f),a.Ripe}}),a.Ripe.load=function(){var a=b.createElement("script"),d=b.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];a.async=!0,c(function(b){var c;a.src="".concat("","/sdk%2F").concat(b,"%2Fsdk.umd.js?alt=media"),null===d||void 0===d||null===(c=d.parentNode)||void 0===c?void 0:c.insertBefore(a,d)})},a.Ripe.load()})(window,document);

Once you have the script running, the next step is to start identifying your leads/users. This will enable you to start populating the Ripe app with leads and companies.

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