🛠️Connect via Ripe SDK

How to install the Ripe SDK on any website or web app

What is the Ripe SDK?

The Ripe SDK is one of two ways to stream your product data into the Ripe app. It's suitable for everyone who does not use the Segment CDP and will work with any app or website that can run javascript.

What does the Ripe SDK do?

The key objective of this SDK is to enable Ripe to receive a live stream of events. This stream will tell the Ripe app who is doing what inside your products, and on your websites.

This is achieved by:

  1. Installing the Ripe SDK Script (a JavaScript snippet)

  2. Identifying leads/users in your product through the Ripe.identify call

  3. Track what actions leads/users take through the Ripe.track call

  4. What pages do leads/users visit through the Ripe.page call

Follow these steps to start streaming your product data into Ripe.

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